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At Excavations Payette, we are known for our versatility in excavation mandates. From commercial earthmoving projects to major downtown construction sites, our teams’ know-how ensures our efficiency.

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A Montreal Leader in Excavation

The expertise that gave our company its name. We have worked on virtually all types of excavation projects: commercial, industrial, institutional, large-scale residential, deep excavation and excavation in confined spaces.

The real challenge of these projects goes beyond simply carrying out the work. It lies in the ability to limit the effects of the work, for example, by taking care to mitigate noise and vibrations, managing public traffic, and so on. Our ability to carry out projects thanks to our large fleet of equipment and, above all, the quality of our teams allows us to tackle all mandates with confidence, even when there are multiple constraints.

This expertise developed over the years leads us to contribute to our clients’ preliminary projects when required.

Les Excavations Payette / PROJECTS


A few excavation projects


Le Château Apartments

Deep excavation blasting and consolidation of rock walls in the inner courtyard of Le Château Apartments.


Carré Saint-Laurent

Deep excavation and retention for a structure on Montreal’s Saint-Laurent Boulevard.


Arbour Volkswagen (Laval)

Excavation and backfilling for parking areas, civil engineering for the right-of-way and connection to the City’s network.


STM bus garages (Anjou, Saint-Laurent and Legendre)

Soil and rock excavation for the expansion of STM’s transportation centres, which is kept in operation during the work.


628 Saint-Jacques St.

Deep excavation for the construction of a residential tower, and creation of a retaining wall using the slurry wall technique.


Victoria sur le parc (700 Saint-Jacques St.)

Deep excavation, construction of a retaining wall and installation of tie rods. Project carried out in conjunction with the National Bank project. Two distinct projects completed in one excavation.


Laurent & Clark (phases I and II)

Excavation and underpinning of the foundations with a secant wall, and site decontamination and rock blasting.


National Bank Headquarters (800 Saint-Jacques St.)

Deep excavation in downtown Montreal. Project carried out in conjunction with the Victoria sur le Parc project. Two separate projects carried out in one excavation.

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Other services

We offer various services related to our fields of activity in the Greater Montreal area.

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